On Land Sedona Vortex Tours & Intensives


Anima Flow Movement & Bodywork is fully permitted for on land tours in the Coconino National Forest. 

Join us for a vortex therapeutic movement tour that includes a beautiful hike to one of Sedona’s vortexes and sacred lands. The experience includes therapeutic movement including elements of yoga, dance, qi gong, movement therapy, primal movement, meditation, breath work, sensual movement, journeying and play! Holly will share her knowledge of the local flora and fauna as well as Sedona’s many rock formations and energetic offerings. Book privately or with a group. Experiences can be fully customized to your groups needs and desired outcomes. 

Pricing: 1 person, $260,  2 people, $360 (total), 3 people, $445, 4 people $500, 5 people, $550, 6 people $600, Larger groups upon request

 Want to dive deeper?

We carry generations of ancestral baggage within us. We are living in a time when the paradigm is changing. Control, ownership, sovereignty, sexual ownership and the power dynamic are changing. Many of us already feel this and are called to change. Along our path we sometimes encounter blockages. Our conditioning and trauma from this life and our ancestors can be deeply rooted within our bodies. To help facilitate our growth we need to stir up our energy, tapping into our instinctive and intuitive powers. Releasing blockages to truly step into our true power and clearly manifest our individual callings.

I offer a powerful opportunity to reconnect with your body and intuition in a way that will restructure how you navigate your life. With the combination of innovative practices of movement, meditation and hands on physical and energetic work, you will have an opportunity to move through your blockages, trauma, fears, binds and ancestral trauma. Connecting to your untethered spirit and life force, clearing the path to your true potential and power. We have an opportunity to ignite true change in the gender bias and power structure. Clearing your body and spirit will allow this change to fast forward for all beings.

walking in sedonaSedona Retreats and Transformational Intensives

In our technology driven, modern world, we have lost the connection to our natural instincts, intuition and psychic abilities. This intensive is intended to bring us back to our natural flow state where we can easily access these subtle signals.

Spend 1, 2, 5 or 7 days with Anima Flow and our partner therapists, guides, activity coordinators and alternative resources to allow for a fully immersive and transformative experience. Intensives are an exciting journey to get you back in touch with your inner knowing and higher self. Customized to meet you or your groups needs, we can provide hands on bodywork, energy work, outdoor recreational activities, meditation and awareness based practices, movement therapy, life coaching, hiking, biking and catering.

Workshops and intensives are an exciting journey to get you back in touch with your innate powers. It is intended to give you freedom and ease in your life, and to allow you to manifest what you desire, have healthy relationships with yourself and others, feel grounded and strong, and to easily make decisions based on what feels right for you. You will alter your mind through movement, let go of old stories, and learn to live freely. Together we will create a space to discover, dissolve and transmute what is holding you back in your life.

sedona hollyMovement Workshops & Intensives

During workshops and intensives, Holly Miely will guide you through movement and exercises to get you out of habitual thought patterns and back into your body. When we are grounded in our bodies, we can navigate life with much more ease rather than struggle. Most of us go through life holding deep tensions in our bodies that we are unaware of, in a reactionary state, putting great stress on all areas of our health. Holly will guide us through movement techniques that will help us relax into our subtle feeling body, inviting us to respond to, and flow naturally with life. We will learn to work with energy rather than against it, and use movement to expand rather than contract, creating a much more powerful relationship with ourselves and the world.


Through movement and body work, you will be shown ways to create a new relationship between your body, mind and spirit. Holly will offer her hands on body and energy work to further the release process. Facilitating the release of blockages, trauma and creating a free flow of energy with in the body, making space.


Anima Flow Movement & Bodywork is Fully Permitted for Operation on the Coconino National Forest