Anima Flow – Movement of the Soul


an·i·ma /ˈanəmə/ noun

In Latin, mind, soul, spirit. The part of the psyche which is directed inwards, in touch with the subconscious. Persona and anima switch roles and merge in slow smooth ways.  A current of air, wind, breath, the vital principle, life, life force.

holly in nature

holly in nature

Anima Flow Movement & Bodywork is movement exploration and movement therapy blended with bodywork to enhance and empower clients results in personal evolution and healing. We use movement  and hands on therapy to tap into our physical and emotional blockages. It is also a space to express oneself creatively and emotionally.

Holly designs each treatment in response to your unique individual physical, mental and emotional needs, listening deeply to your body’s innate wisdom while guiding you toward your natural state of vivacious health and well-being.

Through her nurturing touch, empathic support and intuitive artistry, she helps you heal your bodily restrictions and physical pain, reduce stress, anxiety, depression, emotional traumas, fears and phobias, so you can experience a sense of flowing energy and balance through a body-mind-heart connection.

Anima Flow Movement  & Bodywork, an instructional and performance company for pole dance, aerial yoga, aerial arts, yoga, dance and personal creative expression and bodywork.